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Noomray, personalised books

noomray.JPGYou should have seen my son’s face the other day when we received the book that was custom-written for him!
Noomray, a little Italian company, came up with a great idea– they write and illustrate books where the main character is the person who will receive the book.
It is geared to children, but they do cater to adults too. You just give them the details and in about a month they will ship this very special book. You can pick a genre (typically it will depend on the receiver) among teen books, historical books, fantasy or adventures. You then fill out a form with some of the information you deem essential to build the story: habits, important persons, favourite places, favourite food, preferred activities and also a description of the physical appearance. You can also pick some of the material features of the book: type of paper, type of cover, colour or black&white, etc.
Our story is a nice adventure, in 4 chapters, with elements of Toy Story and Cars in it (my son’s favourite movies) and with an appearance from mom and dad, little sister, both sets of grandparents and the beloved toys: mini-micro scooter and stuffed rabbit.
The illustrations are nice, colourful and powerful — a bit on the manga tradition I would say.
Beside Italian they can write the stories in English (and they have assured me their translators are quite clever) but they will have even more languages in the future. The website is still only in Italian but they speak English and will gladly help with form filling and will answer all your questions.
It’s a brilliant idea, and definitely a present that will not go unnoticed!



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