soeur.jpgThe concept of being chic starts early in Paris. As you can imagine even little girls have an innate sense of style, so their older sisters are off the chart!

Luckily enough there is now a shop just catering to the 10-14 bracket. Soeur was opened by two sisters, one, the co-founder of Bonton and an ex-designer for Bonpoint, the other a child psychologist. As you can imagine from two ladies with such a background, the designs are right on the mark. Tunics, skinny jeans, little skirts and shorts; they have completely managed to capture the style of the Parisian teenagers.

They have a great sale on now, if you happen to be down in St Germain….

– Emilie


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July 3, 2009

It looks so, so cool! Perhaps I am a teenager at heat? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Anyway — it looks like a very cool shop. Paris is a good place to be when you’re a style-obsessed teen! 🙂

July 7, 2009

Currently in sale on

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