sporkCourtney wrote about Bambu bowls before, and I always thought they were really pretty until I saw one in reality: they are actually REALLY BEAUTIFUL.  The shapes of the bowls, the colours, and the matte lacquer — all extremely attractive, I must say.

Bambu also makes another very cool gadget: ever heard of a spork??
A spork is obviously a cross between a spoon and a fork and it has quickly become one of our favourite food utensils. It’s fun, and really handy! I like to pop it in my daughter’s lunch box — great for yogurt and fruit! My son loves it at the dinner table and I like it because it looks so cool. And because it’s completely eco-friendly, of course.

Available at the Dutch eco-boutique Shakshuka, and guess what: if you order at Shakshuka and quote ‘BAMBU’ as a discount code, you will receive a 20% discount!

xxx Esther


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July 2, 2009

Really cool! I often forget some gear when I am away, in this way you have only to remember one thing! Pratico!

July 2, 2009

hi ! thanks for that post
do you know the funfam sets – we got them from Japan (quite tricky actually to import them… but we got there in the end) – they are functionnal, green and terribly design – see you soon mx

July 2, 2009

It’s a really cute site! Did you see those birthstone rattles? They’re so darling!

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