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teaI’ve just discovered this cute brand of clothing by the label tea.   My daughter is really into what she calls “comfy” clothing, so I’m often on the lookout for knitwear that looks girly and cute, and not too sporty.  This brand delivers just that — interesting prints, and mix-and-match styles, often with an Asian influence.  You can even buy little sets of clothing (pictured), great for those kids who want to dress themselves and keep you happy by not looking like they got dressed in the dark!  They have lines for babies, girls and boys, and a neat “little citizens” collection, with part of the proceeds going to the Global Fund for Children.



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July 1, 2009

We love Tea in this house. They have a lot of nice boys clothing, which is great as most lines tend to be heavy on girls and light on boys. The clothing really stands up as well, which isn’t trival when little boys are in the equation. I can’t say enough good about the line.

July 1, 2009

My sister gave me the cutest outfit from this label when my first baby was born — and since then it has been worn by all three of my kids! So cute!

August 22, 2009

I love Tea!!! It’s so hard to find really cute clothing for baby boys (at least that’s what I find) but Tea really delivers with all the neat animal prints in great colours. And the dresses are so cute I wish they came in adult sizes!

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