Solana swaddle wraps

Solana swaddle wrapsIt’s hot here in England, and I could not be any happier! After the past couple summers of cloud and rain, we are finally, finally getting a summer!  In fact, the Met office just issued a heat warning for the UK as temperatures are predicted to rise above 30° here in London.  While I love the heat (the stickier the better!), this is not good news for the elderly or for babies who are at the most risk of suffering from the high temperatures.

My baby has been spending a lot of time in just a nappy these days — forget blankets and bundling! But I do think she sleeps better at night if she’s a bit swaddled, which is when a Solana swaddle wrap comes in handy. These blankets are 100% organic sheer cotton; they’re so light they’re nearly translucent! Which means your baby can be swaddled without overheating, keeping your baby safe from really high temps.  They’re perfect for weather like this!



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June 30, 2009

I love the Solana wraps, I still use ours for our bigger children; it’s the perfect summer blanket!

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