Poisson Rouge

poissonrouge.JPGAs I have already said I have decided to let my children play with the computer.  The rule, though, is that the games have to be somewhat educational. It’s not going to be me that introduces them to the “shoot-them-all” arcade type of games.
So it’s with great pleasure that I have discovered Poisson Rouge — a French website of online games for toddlers and preschoolers. The abundance of games is amazing, and they are quite entertaining too. Children will learn shapes, numbers, play musical instruments, play with regular toys and even modern art paintings… I love them all! Some of them will even teach a few words of French, English or Chinese!
Poisson Rouge doesn’t allow advertising and it runs only thanks to donations and the sale of merchandising. It is definitely a safe place on the web for your computer-savvy children!



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June 26, 2009

wow, this is a fantastic site! thank you!

June 26, 2009

Just had loads of fun on that website – it’s full of surprises – can’t wait to show it to my son! Thanks!

June 27, 2009

We’re all addicted!
Very very cool!

June 27, 2009

usually we play on lego’ website.
but this site is so nice and so different from all others. i’ve visited it just now after reading your blog.
now i go on surfing on poisson rouge!

August 25, 2009

I know a similar site called The Mouse Club ( lots of stories, games and activities to allow creative activities from the computer.
There is also a grown ups secton with tip, advice and lesson plans on- well worth a look!

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