Mother Goose

Mother GooseWhen I had my first daughter, my mother pulled out several of my childhood books to give me.   I instantly recognized the quaint, ’70s-ish illustrations of one of them, Mother Goose, by Gyo Fujikawa, and am so excited to share this one with my girls.  When researching Fujikawa for this post, I found out that her books have been published in 22 countries, and that she was one of the first well-known illustrators to include pictures of children of all races in her book.  The book is filled with little rhymes, poems, songs and stories that you will recognize from your childhood — and probably quite a few that are new to you as well.  The book is available from
Amazon in the US.



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June 25, 2009

My mother also saved one of her books – Come With Me about fairies, elves, gnomes, etc. Apparently it was one of my favorites. My 3 1/2 year old seems to like it a lot, and I still love the illustrations. I think we’ll order this one too!

June 26, 2009

I ADORE Gyo Fujikawa. Those illustrations always remind me so much of my childhood. I collect her work avidly and some of my favorites are Play, Eat, Sleep, and Babies. So sweet, so simple, and always such a comfort to read to my own children. I have had her as a favorite in my blog since I started it. Thanks for featuring her!

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