Parc de la Villette

villette.jpgIt is finally warm here in Paris and we are all loving getting out there amongst the action and not being cooped up inside. This is the first year that I have two mobile children who both want to explore the world, so I am getting to know the parks in Paris better and better.

I have just discovered the great outside play park at La Villette. La Villette is the place you can find the fantastic Science Museum for kids (I still have not been, but I need to go, so I can let you guys know my verdict on it). There are more than 10 different themed gardens at La Villette — the one my kids loved is called “Jardin des Dunes et des Vents”.

The outside play area is divided into age groups, with age-appropriate equipment. It’s fantastic as I could relax knowing that my kids were not going to be knocked over by an over enthusiastic 7-year-old.

My 13-month-old loved climbing over the bumps of a bouncy castle type thing and climbing up the climbing frames a bit like her ancestors the primates. The 3-year-old was running, jumping, spinning and climbing until she couldn’t move anymore.

A great way of letting go of a week’s worth of pent up energy!

– Emilie


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