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Sydney’s little starThe synchronicity of life never ceases to amaze me. One day I’m at work chatting to our style director and he’s telling me about a cool little kid he’s just seen in the lift. Then a couple of days later I have a quick fix of The Sartorialist and low-and-behold there he is! It turns out that Iggy is the son of Shop Til You Drop editor Justine Cullen. No wonder he looks so great. Or at least I think so.

You see, as my son is fast-approaching the big ONE I’m getting more of a sense of how I want him to look. Is this a bad thing? Because I don’t like teddy bears dressed as policemen on his jumpers and I’m not crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine logos on his jacket. And yet these are gifts I’ve received for him. I don’t like them – the logos and cutesy elements. I don’t want to be ungrateful because people have spent their money to buy these gifts (and one of those people is my mother!) but little C is my son. Oh, I feel nasty even typing these thoughts. But should I just put him in these less-desired clothes when he’s just playing at home, pass them on to someone less fortunate than me, or just “suck it up” – as someone else at work likes to say?



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June 16, 2009

hmmmm…I have some of these clothes as well…in our case they are pink ( I hate) or ” princess” or just not my taste…
well….honestly some of the things went directly to the bin (yes I feel bad writing this), some my daughter is wearing at home and some are just lying around in her cupboard waiting to be too small…:)

June 16, 2009

Same story here. Call me snobish.

June 16, 2009

I kind of agree, I really don’t like my kid running around as an advertising board for the latest animated blockbuster. I don’t like logos, be they Winnie the Pooh or Gucci. For me it isn’t a question of price either, you don’t have to spend money to steer away from the cheesy clothes. But I do like my kids to wear stuff that they can romp around in, not stuff that makes them look too much like little grown ups and I have to worry about them ruining because it is too fragile…..
To be honest, lets enjoy deciding what they want to wear while it lasts, I reckon in a years time my girls are going to have a mind of their own and will only want to wear the most hideous stuff!

June 16, 2009

I am a total clothing snob when it comes to my 3 yr old, awful I know. Clothing that he receives that has teddy bears or other similar stuff is given away to someone who can use them and appreciate them. I like the fact that my son dresses well. My husband and I take care in how we dress and present ourselves, why should it be different for our son?

June 16, 2009

Return them. It is difficult but not everything given to your child suits them…or you.

June 16, 2009

unfortunately in italy (and europe) it’s difficult to return stuff if you didn’t buy it yourself.

I have the same problem, some clothes went directly to charity… and I admit sometimes my son asks me for logo-print-characters stuff. I just tell him “no, we do not like them”.

I let him have a buzz lightyear pajama though, he was truly happy!

June 16, 2009

everything you just said, I can totally relate. Fortunately now that I’m past the baby showers (which is when I received most of this said stuff) I haven’t received much of it. After she was born I would say in passing, to drop a hint, “I know I’m a snob but I am real particular about what she wears, I know it’s silly but that’s me”. That has kind of kept people from buying her any clothes. I also re-gifted some things. My husband’s friend’s wife LOVES all things Disney and she was having a girl so I gave her all the Winnie the Pooh things I received, she loved them. And the rest I donated to The Salvation Army or Goodwill.

And Emilie- Everything you said is exactly how I feel, NO logos, regardless of how much they cost. The word Juicy will not be plastered across my daughter’s tush, actually I wouldn’t put her in a pink velour track suit anyway, logo or not. 🙂

June 17, 2009

Don’t do it, Natalie! Do NOT put Little C in anything other than what you love. I’m just about to do an article For Australian Women Online on this very ugly clothing issue. Branded logo clothing be damned! Sorry!

June 17, 2009

I can completely relate many of the baby clothes we were given ended up in charity shops. I hate logos on clothes and am not a fan of Disney. I will not have my daughter as a walking advert or in those terrible plastic heals I see so many girls wearing. It has been difficult to convey my thoughts on this to our families without coming across as a snob or hurting their feelings but I think over time they have started to get it. I have the same feeling about toys and have to keep a strict eye on what sneaks in the door. Our daughter is now 2 and a half and likes to have a say in what she wears, but so far she is pretty happy with the choices we give her.

June 17, 2009

I usually put the not appreciated clothes on once, for a picture to show to the kind givers or when visiting them. If it is something my daughter really likes, I let her wear it to daycare, where nobody cares what she wears, her clothes get dirty anyway and I do not have to look at the clothes all day. Everybody happy!

June 17, 2009

I think it’s totally different if it’s a baby v. an ‘older toddler’ (like 3-5). For a baby, I’m all for putting the baby in the outfit, snapping a photo and emailing/including in a thank you card and then doing whatever suits me best (the dresser or the donate pile). For my 3.5 yr old, within reason, I think it’s good for her to pick her own clothes and get dressed the way she wants. Obviously not to a formal occasion, but for school/playing in the park, I really don’t mind. I’m one who grew up totally without tv and it was often hard to join the social/cultural conversation about cartoons/shows in grade school, so I don’t mind the occasional logo t-shirt. That said, I’m not about to go load up the clothes drawer with them either…

June 17, 2009

I totally agree with you!! I feel bad because people spent money buying those things, but I don’t want my daughter to look like that!!! or play with “that”!!!
The clothes, I use them for the dirtiest moments: for example painting, or playing in the mudd… “oh!!! It got too dirty and it’s stained… we have to give it or throw it away.. what a pitty!!!” or they are in my changing bag as rechange clothes (probably never to be used) or as somebody already said, they are just waiting in the cupboard to be too small.
But I think that if my daughter starts asking me for things I don’t like, I will have to let her have some freedom about that… (she’s 18 months old now, so I still have time to dress her as I want!!!).

June 17, 2009

I am SOOOO relieved with all of your comments. I was convinced that I was going to get a stream of hate comments calling me a selfish, nasty so-and-so. I am one of those people that hates to offend people and I equally dislike to waste things – but I really don’t like tacky clothes. I just have to learn to let the guilt pass, I guess.

June 18, 2009

totally agree – i hate licensed anything! happy for my son to have thomas books and puzzles but that’s it. just because he likes the show doesn’t mean he needs to sleep, eat, wear, play, bathe in thomas. thank goodness most of the people i know now realise this and are careful about it. but it’s taken years of getting the most ridiculous gifts to get to this stage. i am not an ungrateful person, but honestly, the things i’ve received – lazy susan pen holder; a rooster/farmyard theme clock and matching spice rack; teddy-bear remote control caddy; mini plastic picket fence – i could go on – were just so NOT ME i decided to just tell people what i wanted upfront. so now at xmas and birthdays i email off a gift wish list with a range of things and range of prices in a humorous way. i’ve also taken to saying i’m buying X for my birthday, it’s expensive so if you want to chip in, awesome. we all do it now and i do it for the kids too – it’s just easier and i think everyone would prefer to buy a gift that is really wanted. and unless the people who gave me the above gifts read this, then no feelings are hurt either!

June 18, 2009

Yes Yes Yes. I am always blogging about childrens clothing and what my Tinker can and cannot wear and like you, I struggle with these fugly gifts. I never know what to do with them. I feel so guilty for hating them! I tend to package them up nicely and drive them up to Vinnies or I sell them on ebay and buy something I like for her. I’m not only fussy about her clothes, shoes and nursery decor but her toys as well. I feel bad just typing this!!

January 12, 2010

OMG!!! How funny are we all!!!! It’s soooooo hard to receive such gifts and wonder who you will pass them onto or when what time Vinnies open in the morning so you can drop them off asap!!!! I believe in being surrounded by beautiful pieces and when I receive a thomas the tank engine toy, a wiggles dinner set, a hat,bib and onesie with \made in Australia\ on them…..I almost fall off my chair!!!!

I would rather people asked us…and actually we want nothing….just for people to spend time with us as I would prefer my son to grow up around a bunch of gr8 people….

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