Gift Elephant

elephant.gifI have always had a good memory and it’s still pretty reliable, but I must admit that now that I have to remember all the essential information for 3½ people (my husband can take care of at least half of his stuff), things can get a bit foggy. While I still have not messed up important things like doctor appointments, managing all the gift-giving for birthdays and other occasions is getting complicated.
I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but when I find a special book or toy I tend to give it to more people… as many as I can! Then it can be hard to remember to whom I gave that book and when; in fact, books can work for different ages and for both genders so that does not help.
While recently browsing Cool Mom Picks, I discovered Gift Elephant — a simple website that will help you keep track of gift-giving, birthdays and thank-you notes (something we Latin people are so bad at, compared to the anglo-saxon world). It’s a free service and will let you search your records both for the person and for the gift.
Unfortunately it does not deal with gift wrapping….



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