My name is…

personalized-artwork.jpgWhen we moved back to the US, one of the most important things for our 3½-year-old was her new room — what would it look like?  In order to keep some consistency (the poor thing had to deal with an international move AND a new baby sister at the same time), I made sure to pack some of her favorite things to decorate her room.  Most of our things got shipped by boat (which took forever!), but I packed a few special things to come with us to decorate our new place right away.  One of her favorites is her personalized ABC painting, like the one pictured, which was a gift from her grandparents for her 2nd birthday.  At the time, I didn’t think it meant that much to her, but when we were getting ready to move, she kept talking about all the images in the painting — apparently, she looked at it every night before she went to bed.  Never underestimate the power of decoration, I guess…. We got our painting from the Land of Nod (which ships internationally), and I’ve spotted them here in DC at Dawn Price Baby.



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