Toasty tootsies

Emu bootiesThere is a chill in the air in Sydney now. Yes, it’s not toasty warm all year round – but it doesn’t get anywhere near as cold as Amsterdam. I have never been so cold in my life as when I visited Amsterdam (although it was spectacularly beautiful with all the canals frozen over).

But the problem in Australia is that homes just aren’t designed for cold weather. So you really need to layer both you and your children in warm clothes. That’s why “ugg” boots are so popular here. Well, now there are an increasing range of cute ones for babies. I’m loving these wool and sheepskin ones from Emu, an Australian-based and owned company.





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May 27, 2009

That is so funny, Amsterdam usually isn’t that cold — you were pretty lucky to see the canals frozen!!
I love the little baby uggs! Sooo cozy!!!

June 2, 2009

From memory it was about minus 15 degrees!!! Incredible. But still beautiful. And it just meant that we would walk a few metres then pop into another coffee shop for hot chocolate. It’s still one of my favourite cities.

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