Bonnie Baby blanket

bonniebaby.jpgMy daughter’s transitional object is a very soft, but very thin, cashmere blanket. As the months go by she gets more attached to it, not less. Unfortunately her blanket is showing more than a few signs of intensive use.
I have been looking around to find a replacement, and opted for this striped cashmere blanket by Bonnie Baby. It arrived in a lovely grey box with a cut-out apple on the top, providing a sneak peak at the super cute blanket inside.
The blanket is made of a cashmere/cotton mix that makes it more resistant and machine washable at 30° while still keeping it soft. The colours are sweet and unusual without being eccentric, quite feminine in spite of not being just plain baby pink. The quality is also excellent — the seams and the borders are a bit more robust, ensuring the blanket will keep its shape even when pulled and dragged along.
I’m now planning the phasing-out of the old blanket.  I thought I would do it gradually… or is is better to go cold turkey? Any tips?



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May 26, 2009

beautiful blanket – i didn’t even know you could wash cashmere in a machine, ever. no tips on that but my boy becomes obsessed with one toy car and has to do everything with it always and of course it only ever lasts about 3 weeks before it is left behind at some cafe or park …. so now the ritual is “OH NO!!!! it is gone, but let’s take an adventure to the toy shop first thing in the morning”. we do, he chooses a new one with me making a fake big deal about how it is all his choice (assuming he doesn’t pick the 100 euro one) and days of tantrums are avoided.

rethinking this i guess it is completely obvious and probably what everyone does although I thought i had invented some genius solution – ha ha ha.

May 26, 2009

Love the blanket! It is so funny how kids always get attached to the one thing that is difficult to replace. My one-year old is addicted to a blanket that Courtney bought for us years ago before the eldest was even born. It is from the US and impossible to buy in France. I don’t understand why she is not addicted to all the other toys she has that are from the toy shop around the corner from us!

June 5, 2009

Go cold turkey… but let her choose. At least it worked with Eleonora, who would never let her cashmere blanket go, even if it had become a dirty rug in the meantime….! I thought it would be impossible to replace that ‘rug’, until grandpa presented her with a new, PINK, blanket, and…voila’, she hugged it and loved it immediately! She spent the first night with both blankets and the next morning she grabbed the pink one and neglected her old companion… (which was quickly disposed of, though… imagine, I had to ask my mum to get rid of it – I got attached to it as well I suppose!)

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