Skirt length

skirt2.JPGSummer is around the corner and it will bring bare legs and arms. But those of us who are not in perfect shape may be a bit reluctant to follow suit.
This entertaining article on the Guardian gives some nice and intelligent style tips to help you achieve a smart look while avoiding faux pas down that slippery road. The tips include not baring too much chest if legs are on show or never to buy a skirt with a hem at mid-calf, mid-knee or mid-thigh — that would just be too unflattering. There is also a cute way of finding out the right length for your leg shape, because, as the author reminds us, the beauty of legs is in the shape, and they do not have to be extra-slim to look nice. Apparently they are also the last part of your body to age!
Go on, show your LTZ (lower thigh zone)!



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