Jaya loves Tekeko

jaya loves teteko pillowsDon’t you just love these pillows?  I think they are so cute… There are six different designs, all equally nice.
We have Professor Acorn at home and love it. The kids like playing with it, it’s super light and fluffy and I guess they consider it some sort of doll.  I adore the look of it on the couch, and am secretly saving up to get more, as I like them even more in pairs, or trios even… Well, to be honest I would prefer to have all six of them, but unfortunately they don’t come cheap!

They are made in Miami by a small company called Jaya loves Tekeko (named after the owner’s kids), from all organic fabrics, printed with non-toxic water-based inks and stuffed with 100% natural kapok fill.  A portion of the company’s sales is donated to planting peace.  Jaya loves Tekeko might be a small company, but with a big conscience, for sure!

xxx Esther


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