A smart idea

regalo.gifMy son goes to a state school — teachers are well prepared, it’s nearly free and it’s around the corner. What else? Food is not great and the teachers face a constant lack of funding. Parents chip in on many occasions (Christmas and end of the year) and bring everyday supplies of tissues, wipes and plastic cups.  The teachers though came up with an additional way of supplementing their class endowment: each child brings a present for the class on his birthday.
It’s a system that is working beautifully — parents ask for suggestions and teachers get what the class is in need of. But also the children love it!  After all, they spend so much time between those walls and have no problem at all in giving a present to the class on their birthday because it’s a new toy that they will use too!


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1. Jill Richards | May 12, 2009 | Reply

I am a primary teacher but I’ve given up teaching to make smocked dresses and I think this is a charming idea. Schools are always in need of little extras, new toys and equipment and it is so good for children to be giving something back to their hard working teachers and their class mates!

2. Gail | May 12, 2009 | Reply

What a great idea!!!

I wanted to let you know Michela that my husband and I (plus 3 yr old son) spent this last weekend in Milano. After reading your city guides we visited the Parco Solari, and the Aquarium. We used them each as a kid time break after visiting the Duomo and Galleria. We also lunched in Parco Sempione, amongst the many other people enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Molto grazie for the info. Brava.

3. Emilie | May 13, 2009 | Reply

This is such a great idea. It should be an EU regulation!

4. Glamumous | May 13, 2009 | Reply

What a wonderful idea! My own children attend state schools, and this would be a wonderful benefit for their classes – not to mention the “status” for the kids when they think of something wonderful to offer their classmates! Perhaps it won’t be so appropriate for my eldest (now at secondary) though my daughter in reception classes thinks this is wonderful.

Where we live, schools are only allowed to ask for donations towards the costs of education so I’m wondering how eager schools would be to adopt this scheme. Still, it is a very good suggestion and one which I’m sure many parents will be amicable to. Thank you for posting about this – I’ll be sure to spread the word!