Boy or girl?

boygirl.jpgI have a boy and a girl and wanted to know the sex with both my pregnancies as soon as it was possible. Courtney didn’t, and I admire her for this. It must be one of the biggest surprises ever… but I’m just too curious and could not resist.
With my first pregnancy I wanted a girl, and got a boy. In the end I could not be happier.
The second time around I was honestly indifferent. I would have been happy with another boy — a good playmate for number one, or a girl– a new challenge. But what kept amazing me was how direct people were in telling me how I must have been hoping for a girl. Once I knew, people kept remarking how lucky I had been to get one of each. Even in front of friends that had same sex children.
I’m sure all these people meant well, but it seemed to me they were all too sure of what was best for me. There I was, wondering how our family equilibrium would have changed with the 4th member, irrespective of the sex, and they were so sure that a girl would have made our life much better.
I have now been blessed with a very feminine and sensitive boy and with a pretty masculine goofy girl. But I have the feeling all that conversation was just meaningless talk. A new baby is a blessing and that’s all.
So when I read this article I realised that Courtney must be experiencing this, just multiplied by ten…. with two boys under 4 and a third baby on the way.
Oh and by the way, I don’t think a receptionist blew the surprise for her (or at least I’m not one of the closest friends who know). But it won’t be long before we find out….



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May 7, 2009

people talk too much…without being asked… I found people very rude especially when pushing to know how the newborn will be named and then give their two penny opinion on that…

ps in my case another boy is on the way and I am very happy

May 8, 2009

It’s so, so true. EVERYONE assumes I must want this baby to be a girl, and everyone is very vocal about it.

Here is my opinion… the baby is what it is from the minute it’s inside you. And no matter what, the minute it comes out it’s going to feel like it was meant to be. The minute this baby is born, no matter the sex, I’m sure I’ll fall instantly in love and I’ll never ever think twice about the gender.

Plus, I have two of the cutest little boys and I could not be more in love with them, and they are so cute together and play so well together, and I just think that another boy would be so fun! Three of the same thing is so sweet, I think!

And… if you ask my boys what they want… they’re hoping for…. a BOY! 🙂

We’ll see…. (hopefully soon!)

May 8, 2009

I love this post.

May 8, 2009

I am the Mum of two beautiful little boys and I am amazed how often people ask me if we will try for a girl at the risk of having three boys, as if it that would be a disaster. I am thrilled we have the same sex so close in age; hopefully they will grow up to be good friends. We certainly love little boys in our family with my grandmother having 13 great grandsons and no grand daughters yet.

May 8, 2009

I have two girls and I always find it amusing when people say:”well look at it from the bright side, at least you don’t have two boys”???? What does that mean? Sure, some boys might be a bit more noisy as toddlers, but I am going to have to deal with two female teenagers! At the end of the day it is their personality that counts not their gender!

Carolyn Pemberton
May 8, 2009

I have one boy and am about a month away from giving birth to my 2nd child. We chose not to find out the gender this time around ( I love surprises, my husband doesn’t). I get asked the same question all the time and I am honestly equally excited for which ever gender I may be having. A boy would be fun because I would have 2 boys less than 2 years apart that could play together and have fun. A girl would be great because I don’t have a daughter and would love to have the same relationship I have with my mom with a daughter. Either way I will be thrilled!!

May 8, 2009

I have a little girl and we just found out our second will be a boy. I wanted so badly for her to have a sister, I have two sisters and love our relationships, that I was a little sad when we found out it was a boy. Although they probably had to best intentions, I found it so hard to respond to people who kept saying “congratulations you will have the perfect family”. But it wasn’t my idea of a perfect family. I think people need to be a little more sensitive before they start sharing there opinions. ……By the way it may of taken a day or two but I am now totally excited to have a little boy. I do believe we get what is best for our own families.

May 12, 2009

It’s funny Calista, I had the same feeling (very briefly) when I found out my second one would be a boy. But now everything is perfect, as it would have been if he were a girl, I suppose.
Whatever it is, it is perfect.

May 18, 2009

Gender disappointment is the luxury you have when you haven’t experienced the loss of a child. After delivering two stillborn children, and the loss of a baby through miscarriage,and struggling with infertility throughout, I can honestly say I’d be happy with a hermaphrodite! 😉 All babies are wonderful, and if you end up with a healthy, living, breathing one…you’ve won the lottery!

May 27, 2009

I have 3 wonderful boys and feel like the luckiest person in the world!!! I constantly have people asking me if we’ll “try once more for a girl”, or “oh 3 boys, oh well, they’re all healthy”, people are shockingly rude sometimes, if I had ten kids and they were all boys I would be the luckiest person, just as are people who have any combination of genders, people who comment just don’t know how unique and different 3 kids of the same gender can be.

July 6, 2009

This is a great post – we have two little girls and we are hoping for a third and everyone says the same thing to me – “oh, I bet you are trying for a boy”. It doesn’t phase me too much – it is probably the obvious assumption and I find myself thinking adoringly of both outcomes. A little boy would be lovely for a change and I can’t think of two little girls that would make better, adoring big sisters. Having said that, the thought of three little girls together, having tea parties and fairy dress ups puts a wonderful smile on my face. Either way, we would be very blessed to have a third child, boy or girl : )

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