Mrs. Armitage and the Big Wave

mrs7.jpgI have always loved Quentin Blake’s illustrations, as my father read me the Roald Dahl books he illustrated when I was a child. They are fantastic, but the ones I know are a bit macabre for my 3-year-old.

I didn’t know that Quentin Blake has himself written and illustrated books for younger kids. In fact he has written many! We have just gotten our hands on a copy of Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave. The story is about the eccentric Mrs. Armitage and her trusted dog Breakspear who decide to go surfing; they figure out that they need lots of bits and bobs to comfortably sit around waiting for a big wave. It’s charming, playfully written and, of course, beautifully illustrated. It is the kind of book both you and your child will not get tired of reading…. or, at the very least, it will take a long time.

– Emilie


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April 27, 2009

We love Quentin Blake’s books. You would like his ‘Ten Frogs’ books, as it counts to ten in both french and english! (Handy for your bilingual kiddies!)

April 27, 2009

Thanks, I will definitely check it out! Sounds great!

April 28, 2009

my favorite quentin blake book for the kids is cockatoos. it continues to amuses the kids on hours trying to look for the hidden cockatoos in the pictures. A great hit for storytelling too.. it’s a keeper on my shelf!

April 28, 2009

I really like Quentin Blake’s ‘Zagazoo’ picture book. It’s about a couple who meet and have a baby who turns into all sorts of funny creatures as he grows up.. He finally turns into a lovely young man and meets a sweet girl of his own.. it has a funny twist at the end.
I bought it years ago for a boy I nannied for, for his 4th birthday and it became a firm favourite of his..

April 28, 2009

We also love “Cockatoos”, and I can also recommend “Mister Magnolia”, a lovely little rhyming book for younger children.

May 21, 2009

[…] recently wrote a post about his book “Mrs Armitage and the big wave” which my daughter loves, and whilst researching it, stumbled over his official website. It turns […]

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