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Kikker (=Frog)

kikker kleinMax Velthuis was a Dutch illustrator/author who in 1989, at the respectable age of 66 years of age, wrote his first book in the famous Frog series: Frog in Love .
By the time of Mr. Velthuijs’ death in 2005, Frog, the little green character wearing his signature stripey pants, had become quite an international celebrity.
In the series, Frog is accompanied by a series of loyal friends: Dug (duck), Pig, Hare and Rat. Each of the characters has its own personality, and together they show little readers how the world is organized and how people generally react to each other’s peculiarities.
Velthuijs was not afraid to write about existential themes. Life and death, prejudice, solidarity and love-sickness are amongst the themes he discusses in his Frog books. Despite the serious themes, the great sense of subtle humour and the feeling of security Velthuijs manages to secure throughout the series makes the Frog books as loving, cute and perfect as they are.

If only Mr. Velthuijs would have started writing about Frog in his twenties…

xxx Esther


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April 24, 2009

love love love kikker, and you know the film is being shown this saturday at the film museum for the kids film festival (which has so far been really good! i’d never even heard of pim & pom before. so cute).

April 24, 2009

We love Frog!
The little hard-back books make perfect gifts. We like to give “Frog in Love” for Valentine’s Day, and “Frog in Winter” for holiday gifts! 🙂
I love that he’s Dutch! 🙂

April 24, 2009

we love frog too!
Our daughter grows up with 3 languages and KIKKER is actually her favourite word at this time.
She is crazy about kikker and I love the books:)

April 24, 2009

My daughter loves Kikker too! She really feels for him when he is love sick! Poor froggy 🙂

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