Toy bags (or so)

LidanI love these hand-made Lidan bags from Ikea. I discovered them by accident in the bathroom section when I needed soft toy storage for the few wooden toys belonging to my first baby (how things can change), and have used them ever since for all sorts of purposes around the house. As toy storage like I said, but also in the bathroom, in the cupboard, in the garden, etc. They come two in a pack, have a loop for hanging and are very, very kind on the wallet. Best of all? Washable at 40°.

xxx Esther


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April 22, 2009

We love these as well!! They’re so handy for all the little bits and bobs around the house. And I like them because they can get wet — so they’re good for keeping bath toys or shampoos, etc.

April 22, 2009

we do too! I saw them in esther’s flat nearly 4 years ago and immediately bought some.

April 28, 2009

Whent all the way to IKEA on Saturday and now have all my bathroom drawers filled with those – great tip – thanks…

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