Just a simple serviette

ServietteI am from the cloth-bib-front; I just don’t like the plastic ones. I like cloth bibs, and I like them to be big so they cover the shoulders properly. I suppose my kids are messy!
After dinner I like to use them to clean the kids’ faces with, and I like to hang them over the back of the Stokke chair waiting for the next meal. So they better look good.

These serviettes from Supernana are really, really cute, and really, really practical!
They are actually just a royal square of good quality cotton, which close behind the childs’ neck with a pretty mother-of-pearl snap. Ingenious, I know. Simple is best!
They make kids look cool too. My son looks like a cowboy wearing his bib!

xxx Esther

P.S. Make sure to check out the rest of the Supernana goodies. I love her stuff!


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April 20, 2009

These are so cute! Such a simple concept, but really so smart! I might need to buy a few….

April 20, 2009

I often run out of bibs and tie a serviette round my toddler’s neck. I have some red and checked ones that make her look like a cowboy too!

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