A sky-nanny? A dream!

plane2.jpgThis past weekend we flew to London to spend Easter with our old friends, and it was great.  It’s always fun to be there, but never very much fun to travel!  It’s only a 2-hour plane ride, but with air traffic and holiday travelers it always ends up being a long journey. My son is now a nearly pleasant travel companion — he plays with his toy cars, colours, reads books, etc.  My 16-month-old daughter is more the problem, as she cannot stay still for longer than 3 minutes!   I always try to avoid being one of those families that makes people wish they could buy a ticket on a child-free flight.
Did you know that Gulf Air offers a Sky Nanny service? The sky nannies help you deal with your children from the moment you check-in at the gate. They will arrange feeding times, not to overlap with yours, provide extra-snacks, age suitable entertainment and a few moments of babysitting when needed.
Now that would be something I might be willing to pay extra for…



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April 14, 2009

I would be willing to pay for that too, but somehow I don’t see Ryanair offering it any time soon. Great idea especially for long haul flights.

April 14, 2009

Sky Nanny sounds fabulous. What I would do for that service on the London to San Francisco flight!

April 14, 2009

It makes me dream about an on-flight creche!

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