bac_01.jpgBAC is the acronym for “Bambini Arte Cultura e Creatività” which is a pilot project by MUBA in cooperation with the Triennale Bovisa here in Milan. It has been running for three weeks but it will reopen permanently in September.
The idea behind BAC is to foster creativity in children ages 3-12 (and their parents and educators) through the re-interpretation of industrial waste.
Children are invited to enter the cute Pink Pavilion and choose 7 objects from the loads of materials neatly stacked on shelves. Pieces of frames, old glasses, light reflecting plastic, wires, valves, plastic cones, and feathers are some of the objects available. They are then led into one of the Triennale workshops where they can take part in 4 activities using their chosen pieces.
bactot.jpgThey can make art compositions over picture frames, build a house using their chosen things together with other pieces of wood, can experiment with projectors to see how colours and shapes change once you look at the objects’ shadows, and finally they can make a “painting” inside a tiny photoslide that is then projected on a wall.
BAC is a project in the spirit of remida, an organisation that collects industrial waste materials in the town of Reggio Emilia and then offers it to all the school labs in their territory in the full spirit of the Reggio approach to schools and education.
I’m so glad a “piece of Reggio” has finally reached Milan; it has been a great way of exploring new activities with my son and I’ll definitely be back as soon as the activities start again in the fall!





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April 5, 2009

Cool, I want to go as well in September!

April 6, 2009

Very cool! Let’s plan for a family trip to Milan in the fall!!

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