Little Cherry eco party supplies

April 3, 2009

Little Cherry eco party bagsEvery spring my husband and I joke that ‘birthday party’ season has begun! It seems all the little kids we know (including our own!) were born this time of year (April thru June). I made a promise to myself last year that I would try to be as eco-friendly as possible with the next party I plan.  So, as we are in the midst of party planning for our two-year-old, I just ordered all my biodegradable and organic party supplies.

Little Cherry has all the necessary eco supplies, and they also make the cutest party bags. I love the simple blue gingham cotton bags, but they also have cute bags with robots, animals, fish, etc., and they have a good variety of eco-friendly toys to fill them too!

This is eco-party one-stop-shopping at its best!



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April 3, 2009

I used Little Cherry for my daughter’s birthday party bags and the usual tableware and cutlery last year and I was very pleased. party bags from Little Cherry. I found Little Cherry on the Internet and did not regret going with my instinct once second. Lucy is very professional, friendly and cared for her customers. I personally believe that there are a lot of people out there who don’t want to deal with supermarkets and are ready to pay the extra pound to get a personalised service and quality products (especially organic and eco friendly one). And you know what? The kids loved their party bags and the fillings, no plastic just cute wooden toys and jewellery! It did work really well with the parents too…

July 8, 2009

Here at, we have a fantastic and affordable range of environmentaly friendly, ethical and fair trade party ideas. Our party bags are colourful and we have a great selection of wooden toys, CE tested and painted with non toxic paints. Our balloons are made here in the UK and are biodegradable. Party bunting also made here in the UK from waste rip stock fabric, and for those who hate wrapping paper, check out our reusable gift wrapping, because everything else is rubbish.

Thanks for looking, Nia

October 16, 2009

Oh my, such a cute website! We also are into loving the earth and being as environmentally conscious as possible so thank you for such a valuable resource.

June 9, 2011

Cute little toys, and that’s awesome how they are organic and biodegradable!

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