Piu Piu

Piu PiuThese little Piu Piu birds are meant for office use, where their main duty (due to their magnetic nature) is to hold paperclips. In our house however, these little birds are cute little companions to my children. I’m not really sure how it works (if it’s the movement of the hand or the warmth of the palm), but if you hold these little lovebirds in your hand they begin to sing! Very cute, and I’m actually very glad I got each of my children their own bird, because it’s one of those toys they will always fight over. And if they ever get tired of them? Then I’ll take them to the office! (The birds, not the kids.) Everybody happy!

xxx Esther


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March 31, 2009

I love the Pylones stuff…. I’ll check this out.
thank you!

March 31, 2009

Hi there,
The link is not working.
Where can I purchase from?

March 31, 2009

Hi Penny,
You can buy them on the Pylones website – just click on the bird of your choice and it will take you to the price etc. They’re 9 euros each.

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