Under the Sea in 3D!

March 30, 2009

Under the Sea IMAX filmTaking young kids to the cinema can be risky business.  No matter how great the film is, it will probably end up being too long to keep your kids’ attention, they’ll likely spill the popcorn, talk too much and too loudly, and need several trips to the toilet.  (Can you tell I’ve learned the hard way?)

Last weekend, however, we risked it all and took the boys to see the Under the Sea 3D film at London’s BFI IMAX theatre, and it was a huge, huge hit!

You put the funny glasses on (which my kids loved), take a seat in front of the UK’s largest cinema screen (taller than 5 double decker buses!), and spend roughly 45 minutes feeling like you’re swimming under the sea, literally face-to-face with exotic sea creatures!  My kids thought it was the coolest thing they’ve ever seen!

The IMAX films are short, they’re 3D, and they’re educational. Perfect for kids!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before now…



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March 30, 2009

This is such a great idea! I wonder if my kids wouldn’t be super scared though! There is an Imax theater in the Hague, I should check it out! Thanks for the tip!!!

March 30, 2009

Fantastic idea! My son is 2 1/2. I know that you have a son older than that, but how old is your youngest? ie do you think it would be suitable for that age?

March 30, 2009

My youngest turns 2 in two weeks, and he was TOTALLY into it. He did, however, take his glasses off a few times and we had to put them back on him, but for the most part he was happy to sit there and watch.
You should have seen both of my boys waving their arms in the air at the fish they thought were swimming right up to them!

March 30, 2009

Great – thank you. I think we’ll try it out.

March 30, 2009

great idea. right on time for easter break

March 30, 2009

We are big, BIG fans! They show great ones at our nature & science museum. I particularly love the underwater films, and so (fortunatel) does the little one!

March 30, 2009

wouhaou!!! It’ seems great!! 🙂

Julie Richardson
March 31, 2009

I think they’ve got a similar show here at OMSI in Portland – I’ll have to take our kids to it! Thanks for the suggestion…I’m dying for new ideas here at the tail end of tax season. I’m a “work widow” until April 15th. 🙂

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