March 29, 2009

Plush1If you asked me what I consider to be the best city in Europe (if not the world) for shopping, I would definitely answer Antwerp. I just love the Belgian clothing brands, both for me and for my kids.  It’s all so funky and fresh but at the same time chic and stylish. I know Paris, London and Milan have pretty good shopping as well, but Antwerp is really compact and still has it all — perfect for me! Besides that, my dad lives in Antwerp part of the year, so I get to be there quite often to explore the city, which makes it easier…
Some day I will share some of the great (kiddie) shops of Antwerp with you, but for now I’m going to introduce you to my newest find of great Belgian brands: Plush.

Plush makes T-shirts that are made out of thick, soft, high-quality cotton with a great fit and nice colours. Good to start with already! But on top of that, they apply very, very cool creatures made out of felt on the tees which give them an instant look of super-cute and übercool, both at the same time!

I already have ‘Ol‘ for my daughter (there is also a really cute matching key-chain), and love it, and I just ordered a short sleeved one for my son. Good for potty training.

xxx Esther


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March 29, 2009

Antwerp huh? I’ve never heard that but I’m in DC so what do I know. I will keep that in mind and schedule a trip there. When I do I’ll be emailing for all the good stores. Is there a time of the year when the shopping is best? The best sales?

March 30, 2009


I think we’ve talked about this one and I SOOOO agree!! The selection of stores is fabulous – and the city is so walk-able!!! I go every July and January for the sales – and these aren’t just regular sales. I bought a Valentino summer dress originally over 1200E (a price I would never pay for a sundress) for 150E on sale!!!

There are excellent purse shops, excellent cafes, and excellent antiques. My antique tour in Antwerp is by far our best! Oh, wait … I haven’t even mentioned the vintage clothing… just a walk through the streets has you popping into one vintage clothing store after another – and in each one the prices are better than the last! I wrote a blog on Antwerp fashion last May and your readers might enjoy some of the addresses:

Another site your readers visiting Antwerp might be interested in is:


Toma, aka The Antiques Diva

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