Campers for kids

Campers for kidsThere’s a little girl in my son’s nursery school who is always dressed in the coolest outfits, almost so cool I wish I could swap wardrobes! I suppose with a Korean mum and a French dad, this little girl is bound to have style!

She showed up to school yesterday wearing a new pair of Camper trainers, which I just loved!  The funky laces, the cool colors, the unique yet practical design…

As with all Camper shoes, they’re designed to be comfortable — meant to mold to the foot with use.

Perfect for the summer, don’t you think?



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March 27, 2009

Oh no… I better just subtract some money from my bank account right now because there’s no way I can resist buying these. 🙂

March 27, 2009

i absolutely adore these, but i don’t think there’s any way i could justify spending over $40 on kids shoes.

March 27, 2009

Super cute!

March 29, 2009

These are SO cool Courtney. I’ll have to be hunting a pair down for little Felix. Thanks for the tip!

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