March 18, 2009

swinxEven though the newest generation computer games come with all sorts of gadgets that encourage players to get physical (play tennis, golf, or plain old killing people), it still takes place inside the house and in front of a (huge) television screen.
Swinx, a new game concept by the inventors of the Bugaboo (yes Dutch, yes smart), is best described as a game console that encourages children to get active: to play together, run around, dance, compete, scream, laugh and have fun. It has a rechargeable battery and is light and waterproof, so it can easily be taken outside to the garden, the park or the beach.

Last weekend our Swinx arrived, and ideally our nephew and niece (9 & 11) were staying with us! Within minutes we (well, they) discovered how the Swinx works: it’s actually very straightforward: by pushing one of the three buttons on the top, a game is selected.  The players all choose a coloured bracelet (containing a microchip) and register by ‘bleeping’ on the Swinx. ‘The voice’ will give then directions, play music, encourage the players to run faster etcetera.
The whole weekend we had three children (3, 9 and 11) seriously competing in games like Hide & Seek, Musical Chairs, Quizzes, Duels and Races that required running through the house! They had so much fun! My 2-year-old didn’t really get the concept, but still was laughing his head off, and was so cute racing his race…
The games are all very fun and sweet, kind of old-fashioned. There is absolutely no aggression involved.
My husband felt he was missing out and before long was racing around like he was 8 himself! (He’s 38, and he won.)
I must say that in addition to the games being all very active and the console able to be taken outside, the fact that different ages can have fun with the Swinx is the biggest attraction for me.

Next to encouraging kids (and dads) to get active, the Swinx can also be used to play music or read stories. There are also a variety of educational games. Additional information and games can be downloaded on the Swinx (free of charge), and through the website you can contact other Swinx owners and share experiences, challenge each other etc. It can also be used as a jukebox, playing your favourite music.
Pretty cool, I think.

xxx Esther


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March 18, 2009

We have 3 kids aged between 4 and 13, and sick to the teeth of them spending their weekends in front of the TV playing computer games. My husband had heard about the Swinxs console for the outdoors, asked the kids if they would use it, as you can imagine they all said yes. Once delivered we couldn’t get in the garden quick enough! Fantastic bit of kit. Since it arrived the kids are never in the house but always in the garden with friends! Mum of 3. Click my name of the place where I found it.

March 18, 2009

Awesome! Can’t wait till my 10 month old daughter is old enough to play Swinxs games!

Elisabeth Leijenaar
March 24, 2009

I heard that Swinxs is actually setting up business in the USA this fall. Hopefully it shouldn’t be long before you can buy the product in selected usa stores!

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