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Where’s that …?

wheresthat.jpgWhere’s That Fish?Cat?Monkey?Duck? is a series of children’s books written and illustrated by British born Dan Crisp. The cardboard pages are filled to the brim with colourful, funny images and cut-out parts that play nice illusion tricks.  Just when you think you have found the hidden animal in question, you turn the page and realize that what you thought was the animal is actually a part of another scene in the book. You obviously find the right animal at the end.
We own “Where’s that fish?” and both my children have been truly fascinated with it. Somehow it ended up at my parents’ place a while ago, and they were so happy to have such a powerful entertainment source in their hands they never wanted to give it back!
With my older son, we started telling him the story making the right “ohs” and “ahs” when we would not find the fish. He quickly learned to tell us the story copying our intonations and employing the right amount of surprise. Unluckily my daughter’s verbal skills are not so developed yet, and also her attention span for books is not great, but nonetheless she enjoys this book much more than others.
I’m planning to get one or two more. You can find them in our bookshops (US or UK).



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