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A Walk in New York

A Walk in New YorkI picked up A Walk in New York at the bookshop the other day because I was instantly drawn to the charming illustrations and colors, but also because… who doesn’t love a book about NYC?

But what is so fantastic about the book, apart from the really cool illustrations, is that it’s written from a little boy’s perspective and offers the sort of observations only a child could make.  Like… how the top of the Empire State Building is 320 metres closer to the moon, and how the hot dogs smell delicious, and how there’s a store called Macy’s where you can buy anything from a dustbin to a diamond, etc.

“A Walk in New York” is a story about a father and son who take a stroll through the city starting at Grand Central Station and finishing at the Hudson River.   In addition to the charming narrative of the little boy, you can read loads of different facts and interesting trivia about the city (even I learned a thing or two!).

This wonderful ‘guide’ to NYC is the first book (of hopefully many!) for London illustrator, Salvatore Rubbino.  (Can you smell a series, anyone??)



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February 21, 2009

Courtney brought this book for my kids last week and it’s really cool!

February 23, 2009

Ha, good I know as I bought the same book a few weeks ago for your kids, Esther, but will now have to buy another one!! mmm, Love your blog, but is getting hard to find you girls nice presents….

Courtney, btw there is a theatre play on How to Catch a Star in London (Polkadot theatre)!

February 23, 2009

🙂 Also good to know that I shouldn’t buy this for your kids, Kim! I really like the book, and there are loads of fact about NY that I didn’t know!

November 2, 2009

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