rituals shower gelThere are many rituals in the day of an average human being, and taking care of ourselves is certainly an important one! Dutch home and body cosmetics brand ‘Rituals‘ strives to transform everyday routines into more meaningful rituals: feeling good about ourselves and caring about others and the environment.

I very much like the Rituals products. They look good, feel good, and best of all: they smell very good too! No chemical smells, but nice and natural ones. In fact, all Rituals products are made using natural, renewable, and preferably organic ingredients wherever possible. The products are not overly expensive, and last a very long time! We have the Sereni-tea foaming shower gel in our shower and love it. A little bit of gel transforms to a lathering foam. I think we’ve had the same bottle for over five months now, and we both use it daily!

Rituals also has a nice home fragrance line, and beautiful, state-of-the-art make-up using minerals (crushed sapphire, cool, don’t you think?)! I can also recommend the skin-care line; I really like the Awareness Foaming cleanser

Rituals is available in a number of European countries, and if you’re visiting Amsterdam you might have the chance to visit the Rituals flagship store in the Kalverstraat where you can try out all the products…

xxx Esther


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