Heart cards

martha valentines cardBesides a few anonymous cards that were sent between secret lovers (mostly between smitten teenagers, to be specific), we don’t have an actual Valentines tradition here in the Netherlands.
The last 15 years however, it seems that Valentine’s Day has become a holiday celebrating love in general instead of the more mysterious anonymous love it was traditionally about. Lovely, of course.  I mean, we can’t celebrate the wonderful things in life enough… but it’s all gotten a bit too commercial for my taste. All those bright red hearts and teddy bears around town are not really my thing.
The cute folded hearts by Martha Steward pictured on the left are, and I’m going to try to make some this week with my daughter. Because this year we are expecting some special and much loved visitors for Valentines day…

xxx Esther


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February 13, 2009

Oh my gosh… we can NOT wait to see you tomorrow!!! Fun for Easton to get to see his Valentine on Valentine’s Day!!!

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