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Shadow puppets

Whale shadow puppetsWhen you have a child with a particular obsession or interest, it’s funny how we as parents feed it.  I have a son whom, as you know, is wild about sea creatures.  It’s not the usual temporary phase (you know… one month dinosaurs, the next month trains), but one that has lasted for well over a year now.  The boy is obsessed.  So, of course I’ve given him every book you can possibly find about whales, fish, sharks, etc. The boy has every Schleich sea creature they make, and we continue to feed his curiosity with new and educating products.

This Whale Tales shadow puppet kit by Orange Moon Toys is the most recent addition to his sea creature collection, and it is by far one of our favorites!  The kit includes six different whales, a set of movable and removable puppet sticks, and a fun fact card which gives a brief description of each whale.

Don’t have a shadow theater? Don’t worry. All you need to do is hang a sheet from a door frame, turn the lights off on the audience side and leave the lights shining bright in the performer’s room, and voilà — you can put on your own puppet show!

Orange Moon Toys makes loads of different shadow puppets, and they even sell a kit for making your own, which I think would be such a fun craft project for a rainy day!


P.S. Thanks to Belinda for the tip!


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February 5, 2009

Love it Love it Love it! I want one as I love whales too, I wonder if they do a mermaid one for my honeypot!

Really good idea – thank you!

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