Natural History Museum

museo.jpgLast Sunday we spent the perfect winter day visiting the Natural History Museum. We met there quite late in the morning, with another family with two children.
We first toured the ground floor where the main attractions for children are the skeletons and reproduction of dinosaurs; there is a life-size triceratops that is really impressive.
Then we headed to the cafeteria, which is on the top floor with a gorgeous view over the roofs and trees of this very central neighbourhood of the city. While, as usual in Milan, the cafeteria does not cater especially to children, the staff there are really patient and will help you compose a plate for the little ones. I was not sure what my little daughter was going to like, so they let me pick and mix among the various foods available. The quality is good and the price quite reasonable.
Then we headed to the first floor so that the children could burn off some of the energy accumulated while sitting at the table. They roamed enthusiastically through the corridors, looking at wild animals set in nicely restored dioramas that really help them envision where lions, polar bears, elephants and the like live in reality.  triceratopo.jpg
Overall, this museum does not compare in grandeur and content to the one in London, but I think the size is perfect for little children whom cannot read and so do not appreciate the full amount of knowledge available over there. Surprisingly, it was not very crowded, so even my daughter could crawl and cruise while pointing at deer and penguins without running the risk of getting lost or run over!
We ended our trip with a nice walk in the park surrounding the museum.  Everyone was dirty and tired when we headed home, but we were so pleased to have managed to spend such a family-friendly day in our city (as you know by now, it’s not that easy!).



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February 1, 2009

I love Natural History Museums! And so do the children, it’s like going to the zoo! I think when the kids will be a bit older, the dinosaur section is going to be awsome.
In Amsterdam, there is no Natural History Museum; the Dutch one is to be found in Leiden (Naturalis), a very cool museum!

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