Dear Little Heart

January 30, 2009

Dear Little Heart CDI know it’s completely normal… but being pregnant with my third baby is so, so much different than the first, or even second time around.  For one, I’m so distracted by my two monsters running around that I hardly have time to think about a third.  And second, after already being pregnant twice before, I am more relaxed about everything.

I recently opened up a pregnancy week-by-week book (for the first time this pregnancy) to encourage myself to focus on this baby’s development.   From 20 weeks on, the book said, your baby’s hearing is fully developed and so he can hear your voice and other sounds outside the womb.  I should be talking to my baby, bonding with him or her already!

Just as I was feeling guilty about being a bad mum to number three, I got a lovely e-mail from Andrea Caro telling me about her CD, Dear Little Heart, designed especially for mums and their bumps! 

The CD consists of soothing, beautiful music made with instruments from across the world, and is designed to calm and relax the mother and her baby. I popped the CD into the stereo in my kitchen, which is probably the least calm room of the house, and even with two little boys running around I was able to relax and stay calm, which is quite telling of its soothing effects.

Another bonus?  10% from the sale of every CD goes to the charity, HOPE HIV which helps children orphaned or affected by the HIV/Aids crisis in Africa.

I’m thinking I should take a little time each week to listen to my Dear Little Heart CD and bond with baby number three.  It will do us both some good!


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January 30, 2009

Thanks for the idea, Courtney! I’m in the exact same predicament as you, with number 3 on the way, except I have 2 girls! Life is certainly busy and doesn’t allow for much spare time. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy. I love Babyccino!

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