Laptop pillow

laptop2.jpgLaptops are truly great because you can take them with you wherever you are, but that means you end up using the computer in very unsuitable places. I don’t know if this happens to you, but I often tap on the keyboard or browse the internet keeping the computer on the armrest of the couch and with my shoulders twisted and cramped. Not healthy at all!!!
Bräda the new laptop support from IKEA is doing wonders for my shoulders. It’s a moon shaped plastic board on top of a cloth bag that stays level on your laps or any uneven surface. It’s such a simple product and it does not even look that bad!
I truly recommend it to any computer addict!



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January 28, 2009

That’s a great idea because my lap always gets so HOT when I use it like that.

January 28, 2009

Good old Ikea, eh? Always comes up with the goods!


January 28, 2009

WOW! My hubby needs this! I am putting it on his birthday list right now!

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