January blues

Narcissus plantI’m just not cut out for London winters.  They’re dark, they’re dreary, they’re cold, they’re wet… the holidays are over, and spring still feels like miles away.  Ugghh!

Something that helps me beat the ‘January blues’ is having a pot of spring bulb flowers inside the house.  It’s quite uplifting to watch flowers bloom, despite the fact that they’re not blooming outside yet.

Good bulb flowers to buy right now are: Narcissus (which is a type of daffodil and is what I currently have in my house), daffodils, tulips or hyacinth… many of which also smell quite nice too!

Plus, your kids will also enjoy watching them bloom!



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January 28, 2009

I so know where you’re coming from. I just NEED tulips in my house at the moment!
Thankfully they’re readily available in the Netherlands…

January 28, 2009

I, too so know where you are coming from! The promise of a white blanket of snow quickly turned to slushy rain- it is so dreary today! Perhaps, tomorrow I will venture out for some potted hyacinths. Great reminder!

January 31, 2009

I could definitely use some spring flowers to rid the january blues over here… Thanks for the tips!

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