supernana rattleLast Sunday I went to a huge children’s trade fair here in Amsterdam: the Kleine Fabriek (Little Factory). It was great — I saw tons of wonderful products, some of them familiar but a lot of them were new to me! I think I was there for over three hours, and I came home exhausted, but happy! In the coming months I will definitely let you know about a lot of the cool things I discovered…

Let’s start with these wonderful rattles from Supernana. Supernana is a Dutch company that was started a couple of years ago by the very kind Philine, mother of three young children, who had a high-fly job at Volvo before she decided to switch careers.
Supernana produces extremely simple, durable and beautiful baby and children’s goodies, often inspired by vintage products and patterns. In this world overflowing with cheap throw-away products, Supernana makes timeless products, that will be passed from child to child and eventually to the next generations. All the products are made from natural products of superb quality, where possible organic and all handmade in Europe with the utmost care.

I’ve got a ladybird rattle lying in front of me, and it is just perfect. The baby rattle pictured is even more basic (and absolutely beautiful in all its simpleness), and is available in 30 gorgeous colours. It has a teething ring, bell and squeek and is made from 100% wool felt. What else does a baby need?

xxx Esther

P.S. You can email Philine about PayPal options!


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January 16, 2009

Hi Esther,
that’s a pity I didn’t know you’d visit the fair as I was there myself, covering the backstage of the kids’ parade.
Talk soon, S

January 16, 2009

Very cute!
The perfect little newborn gift. I love all the colors!

Julie Richardson
January 17, 2009

Love the simplicity!! I smell a giveaway… 🙂

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