The naked teabag

img_8720.JPGIn Italy teabags always come in individual envelopes, maybe it’s because Italians are not big tea-drinkers so tea is better preserved if it’s wrapped in paper. Whatever the reason may be, when I was growing up, I never questioned the fact — that was just the way teabags were.
When I moved to England I immediately noticed that teabags came in big boxes of at least 50 pieces and most of them didn’t have single envelopes, they were sleeveless… or as I started calling them: naked!
I got so used to them — definitely less waste of paper, quicker in the mornings and, not less important, naked teabags can easily be stored in nice jars. Once I moved back 3 years ago, I kept drinking English tea thanks to frequent visits and a frequent-flyer husband. Recently my regular supply came to an end, so I started looking for naked teabags everywhere but they are not for sale in Italy. After all, individually wrapped teabags do their job greatly, I admit I was being a bit picky.
That’s when I stumbled across British Corner Shop, a web-shop that sells British groceries and delivers worldwide. They carry a huge selections of everything you may miss when away from the UK (yes, come on… it can happen).  Cereals, biscuits, marmite, beans, cleaning products and baby food. Prices are good but the delivery is not too cheap; just order loads of stuff to make it worth it (that’s what I did).
So that’s how I got my teabags, but that’s also how we finally had Christmas crackers on our table this year!



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January 12, 2009

for those living in NYC & missing their UK products, a good place to check out is Myers of Keswick located at 634 Hudson Street in the West Village.

January 12, 2009

Over a year ago, I wrote my first post for Babyccino. In fact, it was Babyccino’s first post! It was about my favourite dishwashing equipment tool, the dishmatique – which is only available in the UK – or through the British Corner Shop!

January 12, 2009

BTW, I miss ALL those British products!

January 12, 2009

talking tea and all things British a friend of mine recently introduced me to teapigs
a most fabulous company and most fabulous teas. This I recommend as a seasoned coffee drinker but I am now leaning…
(oh, and they ship worldwide for you all 🙂 )

January 13, 2009

That’s where my Mum shops for all the items she (we!) miss from the UK. Even her bath soap!

January 13, 2009

It is so funny, you miss so many random products once you move away from a country. Teabags must be the number on product that Brits aways import back from a holiday back home!

March 30, 2016

Quite a cachy name! You got me on the term “naked”. lol As for teabags i got mine from thanks to a friend who introduced me to the art of drinking tea.
I’ll be looking forward for more “cachy” articles from you Michela!

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