Rietveld crate chair

December 26, 2008

crate chairThe other day I was at my friend, Miriam’s house. Miriam is an architect, like me. In fact, we studied together, and lived in the same students’ house!
Miriam’s daughter Myrthe is exactly one week younger than Pim (our son), so it is cute to see them together. Of course, we’re constantly joking that one day they might end up getting married…
Well, I think Pim should definitely consider this, because Myrthe is already working on a fantastic dowry — she owns a chair that makes her future MIL (me) green with envy: a Rietveld Crate chair!!

Rietveld is one of the Netherlands’ most famous designers/architects. He designed this chair in 1934, and because his ideology was to design beautiful things within everybody’s reach, he used packing materials (old crates) to create this chair, and also, in a pre-Ikea way of thought, sold it in do-it-yourself kits.
Rietveld’s grandson and great-grandson (who oddly are the same age) recently re-developed the crate-chair in kiddie size – a third of the original size. How cool is that! A wonderful chair for my grandchildren, I would think… 😉

xxx Esther

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January 2, 2009

hi es, (future mil of my daughter)
thanx for the beautiful christmascard and who knows what is going to happen in 25 years! I save the chair for you, just in case…
kus van miriam
By the way: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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