A sleepy sheep

almb.jpgI don’t know why, but I really want my kids to have a little doudou (as little cuddly toys are called here). I kind of like the idea that they have a little thing with them that gives them security. My eldest daughter is completely uninterested; she has never been attached to anything in particular. But the youngest one is a completely different kettle of fish. From about 2 weeks old she started sucking on her thumb and she visibly calms down when she is falling asleep with something to cuddle.

Being a typical middle class, post-2000 mother I love the idea of anything and everything organic, which is why I am so happy that my daughter has officially opted for the organic cotton cuddly sheep by the traditional German toy manufacturer Käthe Kruse. She obviously has excellent taste… it is super soft and a lovely simple design.

I found it on the lovely French kids toy and accessorize web shop Madame la Marchande. It is a great little site as the owner Stéphanie has fantastic choices on offer. She has made it her mission to unearth beautiful products that will spark children’s imagination. Some are ethical, some are organic but all have been individually chosen a represent Stéphanie’s great taste.

At the moment the shop is only in French but there will be an English version up soon!



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December 24, 2008

I love that brand Kathe Kruse! Such sweet products!
Madame la Marchande has lovely products in her shop!

December 25, 2008

such a sweet face!

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