Sumptuous bears

teddiesWe’ve talked before on Babyccino about anti-credit crunch gifts, and in some way these teddy bears ($208) are easily allocated to that category. But, if you hear me out a little longer, you might also want to decide that these teddies should instead be considered charity!
Each individual bear has been carefully hand-embroidered by women artisans working in deprived areas of Africa. These craftswomen, many of them HIV/AIDS affected, are part of ‘The Forward Group’.
Contrary to the common thought in some African tribes that women should own nothing more than the clothes and jewelery they are wearing, the women in ‘The Forward Group’ are able to support themselves through their own creativity and skills, gaining confidence and moving ahead with their lives.
So you see, not only are these teddy bears unique, beautiful and truly a work of art, made out of denim and decorated using techniques such as patchwork and embroidery — purchasing one of the teddies can also make a change in the lives of these women, and, in a small but significant way, affect the role of African women in their society.

Not a bad thought just before Christmas, is it?

xxx Esther

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