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heuristic-pringles.JPGI know now what heuristic play is, and how relevant it is for the development of a child. Yet, before my first son went to nursery, I didn’t know that the activity of playing with everyday objects had a specific name or that it was so important. It is thanks to the lovely teachers at my children’s nursery that I learned this, and it is from them that I got ideas for simple DIY heuristic toys.
The latest addition to our range was really simple to put together. I took an empty can of Pringles (I honestly bought it for this reason!), a pack of wooden laundry pegs and a roll of children’s adhesive border, et voilà the toy is ready.
My daughter really enjoys playing with them, taking them all out, throwing them around and then putting them back in.  The bottom of the tube is made of metal so the pegs really make a nice sound when they fall in!



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December 12, 2008

Another great idea! I love your heuristic play suggestions! It’s also very friendly for your wallet (if you eat the Pringles, of course)!

September 30, 2010

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