radiomamma_logo.gifYou have heard me say many times how kid-unfriendly Milan is, but all I have done so far is to complain! My journalist friend, Carlotta Jesi, took it to a different level and started working to build a family-friendly Milan.
How? She set-up — a portal for everything “family” in Milan. It has a diary that lists all children’s activities for that week, a section with nice walks you can do with a pushchair, interviews of people who have acted to bring about some welcomed change in the society, interviews of normal mums and dads, and best of all a list of family-friendly shops and restaurants… and professionals!
What is a family friendly professional? He or she will be somebody willing to work around a family’s schedule — happy to open his office after dinner or on Saturday afternoons, or someone who is willing to come to your home to do business. 

To make everything reliable she has created the family-friendly certification (levels go from 1 to 3) and she personally checks that businesses meet the criteria. And in line with her project of building a more friendly Milan she will also help businesses make changes which will allow them to obtain the certification.
The whole project went live only just over a month ago but the list of family-friendly certified businesses is growing every week!
Who knows…. I might be finished complaining soon?





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December 1, 2008

It looks really handy. When can we expect the English version?? 🙂

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