Sveva’s baby shoes

creakit.jpgI’m not as clever and patient as Esther is when it comes to making things from scratch — be it painting, drawing or sewing. Nonetheless, from time to time, I like to keep my hands busy by making little things, but I am seriously constrained by my abilities and so the projects are never something you would write home about.
That’s why I was so happy when I discovered this little baby shoes DIY kit by Crea, a family company run by lovely Roberta and her husband Roberto. They’ve invented these little kits that contain everything you need to make lovely baby shoes for a newborn baby. There’s the pre-cut fabric, the cotton thread, the buttons, and very detailed instructions (also in English) on how to assemble them and also a few suggestions on how to personalise them to make them really unique and truly your own.
It says you need about 2½ hours to make them; it honestly took me a bit longer but I was so proud of the result!
They have a winter and a summer collection, which are available on their Etsy shop, and I really think these kits make a wonderful present for an expectant mum. She could then spend some time, maybe during those last few weeks, making a little gift for the newborn with her own hands — you would be giving her much more than a pair of shoes!



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November 28, 2008

Thanks so much…

November 28, 2008

So cute! And it’s true, when something is handmade it makes it so much more special and unique!!

November 28, 2008

These are super cute and look like they have a good chance of staying on tiny feet. And they look like they don’t need a sewing machine either – perfect for a project on the go.

November 28, 2008

When my first child was born, I started making things by sewing (patchwork blankets but also small trousers and so on…). I’d never took a needle in my hands before, so it was very surprising for me the wonderful sensation of create stuffs only by myself (for a long time my creative side of life was singing in a choir). Now I can’t immagine my life without a small moment of creation: buying a lot of books with project and wonderful photos and a lot of fabrics also (how many scraps!), take my needle in my hands from time to time, involve my 5 years old child in some new project. Fantastic!

December 4, 2008

I am inspired!

December 14, 2008

im from Singapore, I would like to do one for my daughter. How do i get the starter kit ? Pls advice. Thank you.

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