November 23, 2008

marinellatot.jpgTies made by E.Marinella must be the most famous Italian ties. This family boutique opened in Naples in 1914 by Eugenio Marinella and it has been in the same family ever since. This family, now for nearly a century, has been the synonym of elegance and style first in Naples and now all over the world. The first historical shop in Naples is on one of the best sea promenades you can find, the second one is in Milan. You can now find a selection of Marinella ties in some of the boutiques of luxury hotels, but nothing beats the atmosphere of their flagship stores.
The shop in Milan is in a very old and elegant building, the décor of the place is antique and classic yet airy and not stuffy at all! You will find many tables covered in big wooden boxes full of ties, all of them quite classic, but never boring and you can always find ties in the season’s fashion colours. Very smart looking shop assistants will help you pick the right one, so do not be put off by the reputation.
My husband thinks they are superior in the quality of the silk, the cut, the make and also the prints — although I must say that the prints he picks look all very similar to me.
Even if you do not trust my husband you should definitely trust the endless list of famous people who have chosen Marinella over the decades — including all American presidents since Kennedy!
They must be really excellent if even my very sober father bought two of them in the last 4 years, one to wear at my wedding and one at my sister’s.
Just one suggestion, try to avoid the week before Christmas if you can — it’s just mad!



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November 23, 2008

If we wouldn’t have very dear friends in Milan, my husband would travel there just for these ties!

November 24, 2008

So funny, as I have never worked in an environment where people wear ties, I did not even know that there were that fashion trends could be reflected in ties. I would be completely clueless as to what was a fashionable tie…..

March 3, 2009

if you are interested in classic Napoli’s style in fashion, I suggest you to give a look to the Tramontano production, the most famous (and good) neapolitan Leather Factory,

by, luigino

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