Got balls?

ball brightMy 1½-year-old son is obsessed with balls. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that he’s a boy, but ever since he took his first steps he’s been able to kick a ball forward like a miniature professional football player!
He likes to collect balls too. Yesterday we passed a toyshop with a basket of balls outside on the sidewalk, and he started whining about a ball so vigorously that in the end we, weak parents, had to give in and buy him a little ball that he consequently didn’t let go of for the rest of the day.

This ball from Kistner Supply is certainly the most beautiful in his collection. It is made from recycled cashmere which makes it super soft and pretty (and eco-friendly), and it is filled with cotton tyke which makes it slightly less dangerous to play football with inside the house. It also has a Chinese meditation chime inside, which adds to the pleasure of kicking it around.

Of course this ball would make a beautiful gift for newborns too…

xxx Esther


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November 20, 2008

hmmm…I may just have to pass this onto my new- one- to- be’s Mimi

November 21, 2008

Definitely not a boy thing as my daughter (14 months) is also crazy about balls. When she arrives at the creche at the gym she cries till they hand her a basket full of balls. Her favourite ever toy is a ball from woolworths which is hideous, but is in most of our photo’s of her as she will not part with it.

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