Rue Keller

November 17, 2008

keller.jpgIf you are ever in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, rue Keller is a great street to visit for a little bit of off-the-beaten-track retail therapy. It is lined with loads of cute autonomous boutiques, reasonably priced lively restaurants and bars, and little art galleries.

Anne Willi, the adult and children’s clothes designer, has her flagship on rue Keller. I especially love her kid’s collection. Her designs are not classically French — they have a very northern European feel to them, and every item is intelligently designed and crafted.

Another little shop I love is the design shop Lou Lou Addict. It is one of these shops were the owner has fantastic taste and has chosen each piece on display for good reason. (Even if you cannot make it over to rue Keller check out the  Lou Lou Addict online shop.)

Dorothy’s Gallery is a great little art gallery which at the moment has a very topical exhibition on: an exhibition all about Obama in Paris!

And another one of my fav’s is Klok — a maternity and baby shop. They have wonderfully high-end maternity wear, and cute baby and toddler clothes. They are not exactly cheap but the maternity clothes are especially very well designed. They stock furniture like the Leander cradle and bed and beautiful baby bags and accessories.

– Emilie

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