Holiday cards… it’s that time of year!

Petite Alma Holiday CardsLast year I made my own holiday cards, which seemed like a clever idea at first, but I ended up spending far too much time creating them (and I’m not sure it was really worth it)!  This year I’ve decided to make my life easy and order them in advance.  And the holidays are quickly approaching, so it’s time to get serious…

Kirby Woodson, whom I’ve mentioned before, is the renowned designer and creator of Petite Alma.  Her trademark style (simple and charming with a Parisian flair) is instantly recognizable and endearing.  I knew that if I stuck with Kirby’s stationery, I would have no problems finding something I love.  Really, you can’t go wrong.

Kirby has two design studios: Petite Alma, and a new one called Feather.  The designs for both are available through Tiny Prints, which I’ve found to be really easy to use.  You can customize the cards quite easily, as well as upload potential photos and view the results on-line.  You can create an account and save your projects, which is also nice if you’re a bit undecided.

Need more incentive? Petite Alma and Feather are offering a discount of $15 off your order when you spend $150 or more.  Just enter the following codes: “merryfeather” on Feather designs and “merrypetite” on Petite Alma designs.

I’m so happy with my new holiday cards! And what a relief to have it all sorted already!



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November 8, 2008

I had no idea these were Kirby’s designs. I knew her in college and in NYC when she was designing for Baby Gap, but have lost touch. Such a surprising and neat thing to read on your blog. She was always so creative and talented.

November 9, 2008

Yes, she is incredibly talented! Not to mention incredibly beautiful, sweet and fun to work with!

Julia Fleming
November 10, 2008

Kirby Woodson sends such a “smart message of simple, chic and charming”. With her wide range of experiences from France, England and California, it is understandable why she is ahead of other designers. By the way, I think she looks like her work. She represents complete art at it’s Best……

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